Monday, July 10, 2006

A Week in Cyberspace.

The 2005 tsunami appeal prompted the biggest outpouring of public generosity ever witnessed in the UK. Niall Cook, "More than ever before people want to engage with the world around them and charities now have the technology available to make those connections." From the Guardian.

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office is out of touch with the reality ( The Register) of the net

Prescott and blogs from the Guardian. “If John Prescott really barely knew what a blog was it seems odd he put his name to a "Prescott Express" battlebus blog during the 2005 general election.

So, he was a blogger during the election, and now isn't sure what a blog is and he is about to be put in charge of the nation while tony Blair holidays in Italy.

Lily Allen, daughter of comedian Keith Allen, has topped the UK singles chart with her summery hit, Smile, says I like Music. Shakira, who also scored her first UK number one single last week with Hips Don't Lie was knocked off the top spot by Lily, after Lily's song entered the chart last week at number 13, but on download sales only. This week 21 year old Lily who's internet fan base has helped spread the word about her talent, celebrated news that her glorious little song reaching number one on stage at T in the Park. It's an exciting time for Lily as her debut alubm, Alright, Still follows shortly on July 17th. For one with such tiny feet her digital footprint is leaving a golden trail in the sand

Roy Greenslade in the Guardian is trying to show why newspapers are doomed.

I'm simply trying to show my colleagues in print - especially those who revel in regarding themelves as inky dinosaurs - that they cannot hope to compete with the speed and efficiency of the net in communicating facts AND opinions. The idea that newspapers will survive because they're better at providing comment and analysis is nonsense. Nor do we need papers to set the agenda.”