Friday, July 21, 2006

Get it deficiency

There are some organisations which are almost getting it and others where new forms of communication are regarded with ambivalence.

Whereas the Chief Constable of North Wales Police has a blog (well really a newsletter), that is a diary area on his site without an RSS feed or the means for comment (but does include the W3C Accessibility rules) , others see this medium as being “first jottings and half thought through” but uses the medium to make a point.

What we see in both these stories is that there is a 'Get it deficiency'. Social Media is just that, it is the means by which people choose to engage in conversations. It is not a megaphone (North Wales Police) or an optional engagement with stakeholders (CIPR).

What we are seeing in both these cases is an absence of corporate strategic thinking.

We are now beyond the experimental stage. Social Media is now a core part of communication. What we now need is professionals who can look across all the social media and apply the most relevant channels to achieve convergence between organisations and their communities.