Friday, July 21, 2006

Commercial application of New Media

The ability to create virtual environments as Auction House Christies is doing or to offer real time video footage and the UK Highways Agency is attempting gives us a peek into the future of communication.

Lets go beyond RSS, SEO, blogging and wiki's and Second Life and look at some other initiatives.

These give us insights into what we can achieve for clients. These are examples of public relations tools that are both available now and are being used commercially.

It does not require creative genius to imagine adaptation of these examples into everyday PR practice.

The Annual Report, product launch, celebrity event, product application story and many more public relations techniques can all use these kinds of communications tools.

In the UK, if you want to find out more about new media courses for practitioners, try Dr Ralph Tench at Leeds Metropolitan University. He is working on how you can discover more.

Picture: From Christies demo of an online auction