Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Times to launch online TV service

News and jobs for journalists :: The Times to launch online TV service: "According to The Times, the service, called Times TV, will initially consist of news clips from third-party providers and will launch this week.

Well, we also have TV going into Radio:

Channel 4 launches internet radio service
Television broadcaster unveils plans to diversify into radio and take advantage of unregulated area

The Times reports that the initiative was announced by Les Hinton, executive chairman of News International, News Corp's British newspaper wing, as part of a plan to 'triple our page impressions in the next few years for Times Online'.

In May, Times Online generated 59.9 million page impressions. The newspaper plans to expand the service with the online TV wing by encouraging readers to contribute their own news content to the service.

According to News International, which also owns The Sun, The Times' online revenue has risen 45 per cent year on year. Much of this is attributable to its mobile phone quizzes, puzzles and crosswords service."