Thursday, June 08, 2006

Issues management

Keith Jackson is always worth reading and his views on Issues Management and the resources he selects are helpful for practitioners. In this case, offers some useful ideas but I do have some problems with many practitioner's views about Issues Management. I would add three thoughts to the article.

The first is that all issues are of their nature negative. This is not true some are great opportunities and need to treated with the same care and attention.

Second is the difference between Issues and Crisis. Issues are commonplace and, by degree, the daily process of management. Crisis is a threat to survival.

Third is that there is never and issue which has a single stakeholder response. There is always a need to map and prioritise the range of publics that influence issues both internal and external.

If this sounds a bit like normal PR practice, then its about right.

Picture: Bubblegum crisis

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