Thursday, May 18, 2006

Social Media disrupts conference

New Media is disruptive. It certainly is a critical part of the sessions here in Parnu at the 'Marketing Without Words' marketing conference in Estonia. New Media crops up in almost every conversation.

Mare Park (pictured), a psychologist presented a fascinating insight that offered insights that will be familiar here. She made it clear that there is a basic and fundamental need to approach customers using a wide range of 'touchpoints' which I have covered here before.

She also explained why context is relevant for advertising which goes a long way to explain why so much advertising spend is not hugely productive. There is a lot in this conference with its international contributors that
harks back to some of the past discussions at Leverwealth.
Now to find out from Robert East about 'How Bad is Negative Word of Mouth'

There is a
videocast of this conference too.