Thursday, May 25, 2006

Searching for image

From Search Engine Watch we learn that the image search offered by Google, Yahoo and other search engines rely on a range of clues to identify the subject of an image—things like filename, image ALT tags that describe the image, text immediately above or below an image (which is often a caption of sorts), and links pointing to images. With enough of these clues, a search engine can make a decent guess about the content of the image.

Another approach to image search involves analysing certain characteristics of an image, attempting to "see" the image in the same way humans do. And taking this approach, you can also ask a search engine to, in essence, show you images that have similar characteristics to the one you're currently viewing.

Tiltomo is an experimental search engine that works in just this fashion, allowing you to find similar images in two ways. You can search for images that have similar color and texture characteristics, or you can look for images with similar "themes," which adds an analysis of subject matter to the color/texture mix.

In PR semiotics is becomming significant which makes this announcement important.