Friday, May 05, 2006

On-line evaluation - its here now

For a long time we have been waiting to find exactly how powerful media coverage is when it goes online.

Wait no more.

CyberAlert is now providing a powerful range of media analysis tool for on-line content.

It covers content in newspapers web sites, blogs and Usenet

Called ClipMetrix, the service offers a wide range of measurement and evaluation tools for media relations experts.

The programme automatically generates a wide array of charts and graphs displaying data delivered with online news clips from CyberAlert.

The ClipMetrics service can automatically and instantly generate the following charts and graphs for any time period you choose:


The ClipMetrics tools also enable you to easily assess and measure articles for the following parameters:

  • Tone of article (positive, somewhat positive, balanced, somewhat negative, negative)

  • Type of article (news, editorial, review, round-up, feature, analysis, other)

  • Prominence of your company or brand in the article (headline, photo, top 20%, bottom 80%)

  • Dominance of your company or brand in the article (exclusive, dominant, average, minor)

  • Incidence of your key messages in the article (1, 2, 3, more)

  • Spokesperson quoted (yes, no)

    ....and more.

After you assess your clips for tone, prominence, dominance and key messages, ClipMetrics automatically generates the following measures/graphs, in addition to all of the above:




Key Messages

Type Of Story


If your CyberAlert news monitoring service also delivers articles about your competitors and you opt for the competitive measurement option, ClipMetrics also measures, in addition to the above charts:


And if you monitor the news for competitor's key words (company name, brands), ClipMetrics generates the following measures after you assess the competitor's articles for tone, etc.




Story Type

Media Type