Friday, May 12, 2006

Hook it all up to broadband

The range of communications channels vailable to practitioners is huge and today we get an incling of how they can be available for a whole family and for a wide range of devices in the home.

The wireless home is
becoming a reality for millions of consumers according to a new survey of 2000 Internet users from Strategy Analytics' Connected Home Devices Service. 20% of broadband subscribers across the USA and Europe now use Wi-Fi to share their Internet connection between PCs and other devices, according to the report just released: 'Home network adoption: Wi-Fi emerges as mass market phenomenon'. According to the report, 7% of all households now have a wireless network.'Rising ownership of laptop PCs and other portable Internet devices will make Wi-Fi the dominant home networking choice for most broadband subscribers'.Strategy Analytics' broadband user survey is based on online interviews with 2000 home Internet users in eight countries (US, France, Germany, UK, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden).

Imagine: your PC, laptop, Xbox, Skype phone, Television, radio etc all opperating from your wifi in the garage. Well, its here and now and is how I am able to blog this post from my son's kitchen (I am staying overnight in London).