Friday, April 28, 2006

The Voice of Our Education

Can Public Relations practice keep up with the vast amount information that is changing their lived. In the hurleyburly of everyday work there is so much to find out. perhaps there is a case for just looking at the fundamentals such as those provided by Vin Crosbie's post 'What is New Media'. It puts communication in a framework that we can all understand. It contextualises the role of 'media relations and it will broaden the minds of practitioners. In addition, Danah Boyd's article on culture is significant for people who are at work in advising clients (and students) on relationship management.

Alternatively, should we be more pragmatic and deal with those intermediate concerns about rules of engagement.
In general, two 'New Media' Guides are relevant to PR practitioners. They are American and so the legal standing is not the same as for other legal jurisdictions but the principles are very similar. The new Podcasting Legal Guide Wiki is important for podcasting practitioners and is a a companion to the Legal Guide for Bloggers, a collection of blogger-specific FAQs. Or should we spend time on old and new strategies and competencies to be able to use a blog or wiki. The latter are both about the use of tools and an ability to try out, evaluate and deploy tools as they emerge or become popular. A must for every practitioner. But they need to be deployed within a cultural and legal framework and in the even wider context of our own humanity. Even in the latter, there are new discoveries. Where do we aim continuous Professional Development?

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