Monday, April 10, 2006

Stakeholder Analysis for Systems Thinking and Modelling

Stakeholder Analysis for Systems Thinking and Modelling: "The importance of stakeholder concept is growing in management literature. Since Freeman published his landmark book, 'Strategic Management: A StakeholderApproach' the concept of stakeholders has become embedded in management scholarship and in managers thinking," Suggest the authors of this paper.

About a dozen books and more than 100 articles with primary emphasis on stakeholder concept have appeared in management literature following Freeman's book. This paper presents stages through which the stakeholder concept developed in the management literature. Using a chronological map it explores and classifies stakeholder literature for a better understanding of the stakeholder concept.

It also examines the relevance of stakeholder analysis in systems thinking and modelling. We suggest that a systematic analysis of stakeholders could enrich the problem structuring and scenario planning.