Monday, April 03, 2006

Scream marketing

Netimperative report that UK marketers still prefer to scream at customers in the b2B sector.

Reporting a survey, from trade body the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), revealed that only 39% of b2b marketers use display ads, while 39% use pay per click search and 29% use online classifieds.

However, b2b advertisers have readily taken to email marketing with 83% of respondents using it largely for product promotion (54%) and company newsletters (49%).

Less than half (47%) use email for customer acquisition, the survey found.

The IAB said b2b marketers plan to increase their online advertising budgets in the next 12 months with 63% of respondents saying that the Internet ‘will take more of their marketing budgets in the future’. Furthermore, almost a third (29%) pledged to increase spend by up to 20% in the next 12 months, with 13% saying they will increase spend by more than 30%.

Guy Phillipson, chief executive of the IAB, said: “These results suggest that b2b advertisers still have much to learn about online advertising. Email marketing has proved effective for the majority of businesses but it’s our job to educate them further on everything else the Internet has to offer.

“Online has revolutionised the way we do business and during the next 12 months we’ll see b2b companies wake up to the true potential of the internet as a sales and customer relationship tool,”

Other results show that nearly all (93%) b2b marketers use the Internet for business on a daily basis, and a further 96% believe that online marketing is appropriate for a business audience.
Interestingly, only 12% believe that the majority of their business activity will eventually be conducted online.

Come on Guys It is time the PR department took over all painting by numbers games including marketing.

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