Thursday, March 23, 2006

A send-up from PRW's stable-mate

I have just received a £500 pitch from Haymarket Events (a PR Week stable mate). The event is called: PR And New Media: Strategically Controlling Messages And Managing Risk In A 24/7 Digital Environment. That give-away word 'Controlling' say it all.

The speakers are predominantly from the traditional media! So they must know a lot about citzen journalism. There are no 'A list' PR bloggers probably because they blog and dissintermediate PRW.

The programme includes gems like this:

Exploring The Impact Of New Media Within A Traditional World: Blogs And Pods Take On Print And Radio

Why would blogs and pods want to take on print and radio? Blogs are blogs not newspapers and podcasts are podcasts not radio. A quicker answer is already out and about in the 'real world'.

Investigating The New Media Channels Employed By Journalists: A First-Hand Exploration Into Getting Your PR Message Out There... The programme proclaims. Do they suggest bloggers should aim their posts for journalists to interpret? What for? New Media goes straight to the audience. No need for journalists.

Snapshot Case Study: Podcasting... But this is not a a PR podcaster. In fact not a podcaster at all! Can I suggest delegates listen to Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson.

Multi-Channel Consumers When, Where, How... Are People Getting Their Information? This is by George R. Andrew, Head of Market Relations, Scottish Widows, that famous blogger who is using new media all over his web site, or not as the case may be.

But the use of Nielsen-Netratings or ClickZ never crossed our minds.

Exploring Online Consumer Activity To Maximise PR Impact On Audiences Online

By Mark Brooks, Head of Media and PR, National Savings & Investments
Who is evidently pioneering interactive conversations and 'joined up' multi platform PR (Note the interactive, 'long conversation' at the web site. The find out what current experience looks like.
Or there are real case studies available through new media (such as your iPod) here.

Joe Blogging: Examining How To Counteract The Negative Influences Of Online Citizen Journalists On Reputation

The Book is called Online Public Relations (look right). The methodology was invented by Alison Clark. There is even a complete online lecture to get people started.

There are case studies here.

Nick Hindle, Head of Corporate Affairs, McDonald's will talk about: Minimising Corporate Risk And Gaining Buy-In In The New Media Climate Through Tailored PR Strategies

I guess he will cover sites like these. Then there will be reference to these white papers and so much more.

Fighting Back: Managing Corporate Issues In A 24/7 World

Even the title of the session is the antitheses to new communication.

... and so the programme goes on.

A lot of scare mongering, a lot of people not of the New Communication age and this is the way to make money with old rope and even older journos.

Now, the real fun will be to see who goes to this event - how embarasing if someone recognised you!