Friday, March 10, 2006

Hot Wired Humans

The neoro scientists are telling us that we are hot wired to respond to the influences of the contexts that are created by Public Relations. The broader the PR campaign is the more effective the programme will be.

So that if the PR programme includes a range of communications channels, and creates a range of contexts suited to the relevant 'social frames', for a social group (which may be identified using methodologies such as focus groups and visualisation), The world we are immersed in literally helps to shape our brains. As we grow up with precisely timed development programmes, the world helps construct our mind's circuits and continually reshapes them as we experience new things and call on new skills. This process does not end in adulthood it happens throughout our lives. New neurons are are born in the adult brain. The survival of these neurons and and how quickly we learn new behaviours depends on the richness of the environment. Genetically, we are designed to be flexible. It is our nature to respond to nurture – throughout our lives.

Organisations can be described as a cultural entity in their own right and they fit into and influence the wider cultural entity of our societies influencing them in a continuous and evolving process. In the past this phenomena has been evidenced in the broad applications of corporate public relations, brand building and political movements. It is Public Relations working in its broadest sense and as relationship management.

The Neuropsychologists are showing how significant relationship management really is. In addition, they show how, through a process of creation of new neurons, PR adds new values that can become very powerful in society.

Photo: Wordswinker