Wednesday, February 15, 2006

BuzzAgent a load of Dicks

This from Katie Paine According to Ad Age: "Turning WOM into a medium -- as opposed to just a marketing discipline or tactic -- could do wonders for its stature, allowing agencies to buy buzz alongside traditional media buys. There’s even a rate card forthcoming this week. ....BzzAgent campaigns work like this: Volunteer agents choose a campaign to work on and receive information about the product. After forming an opinion, the agents spread it to people they know and then produce a report on the activity. The reports are then analyzed for the client. Agents receive points in exchange for reports that they can redeem for rewards."

You would need to be a very special agent to make this work. This is pretty hard to do and keep up consistently. The power curve militates against artificial WOM.

There is also another element which is very well known. It works in the same way that advatorial does. People just don't believe plugs, spin, advertising and all the rest of the garbage you hear from the marketing and advertising industry based on OTS.

Circulation is not king, readership is.

And by that I mean engaged readers. Is an engaged reader going to believe a BuzzAgent? The person who is intruding and getting in the way of what 'I' want to find out. In the networked community, this is a receipt for market oblivion. Its really just another ploy from the advertising industry and WOM will find a way round it.

Remember what we did with 'pop-up' ads and all that jazz.....

Picture: Whirlygig TV