Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blogs Jumped too

Issues become important when they 'jump' from one communication channel to another. Blogs have jumped in a big way and the traditional media is busy adding value to the blog brand. The growth of comment about Blogs in the traditional media has spiked. It has now hit 500 per day on Google News.

So the reason Blogs are important is that they are cheap says Business Week.

Max Kalehoff, vice-president of marketing at BuzzMetrics, says that companies want to gauge the seriousness of bad news says The Economist.

Blogs are there to to aid consumer choice says Toshiba. It has developed mobile phone technology that searches for product reviews on up to 100 web journals, or blogs, in 10 seconds. Just use the phone's digital camera to snap a photo of the barcode of a product you're thinking about buying.

Blogs are for TV buffs. Veoh software, installed on a PC or Mac, creates a virtual television network that allows video bloggers and independent producers, as well as film studios and TV networks, to distribute TV-quality, full-screen video to users with broadband connections.

At The Winter Olympics there are blogs dedicated to individual athletes, random comments from people hanging out in Turin and thousands of links to news stories and pictures. At this year's Games, the polished performances of seasoned commentators are in competition themselves - against the new media world of blogs.

Blogs are bad for kids (of course)

Blogs and wikis have moved past the flashy tech bling phase and are now settling in as core elements of the enterprise collaboration infrastructure.

"Companies increasingly recognize the business value wikis and blogs can generate and are looking for ways to bring these technologies into the enterprise," said Lou Latham, research analyst for Gartner, Inc. "However, there is high concern among organizations regarding how wikis and blogs can be securely managed and monitored to protect confidential or proprietary information and mitigate risk.” which is a problem for the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance watchers.

You can use a press release to get better blog ranking. But most journalists would not cover the story so this is yes another use for the good 'ol press release.

Hey 'Truckers News' has just got a blog.

One would have thought they would have created a podcast for all those drivers who don't want to surf 'n drive at the same time.