Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Beware Blog the Barbarians

A third of Europe's public relations practitioners are about to be pillaged, raped and cast aside. Blog the Barbarian is rampaging over their PR landscape.

Its not just The Economist who has noticed a New Breed of Brand Assassin. "The crowd has come on the field and is trying to get into the game.” says Richard Sambrook, editor from the BBC.

Who is the biggest distributor of content? It is the consumer, who does not expect to be paid for this service but wants free in kind services.” Tom Glocer, CEO, Reuters.

Their media people were not reading the media that matters — media written by their very own customers. This page is already No. 5 in Google under Dell sucks. I gave them time. They failed.

The power law is dominant because of a quirk of human behavior: When we are asked to decide among a dizzying array of options, we do not act like dispassionate decision-makers, weighing each option on its own merits. Movie producers pick stars who have already been employed by other producers. Investors give money to entrepreneurs who are already loaded with cash. Popularity breeds popularity. First-movers get a crucial leg up in this kind of power-law system. This is certainly true of the blogosphere.

Not being in early in the conversational media means three in ten PR people will always have to struggle.

The Blog Barbarians are here.

Picture: David Garcia "Waiting for the Barbarians"