Friday, November 25, 2005

Why is the Value debate important to PR practitioners?

There is a process in building relationships between organisations and publics. It embraces many activities. It is a management function.

This process is held by
the management domain of public relations – no other.

There is no asset, no intellectual property, no social construct that is not dependent on affective relationships.

Without relationships we cannot design or manufacture, we cannot create brands, advertise, sell, or maintain customer relationships. Without relationships there is no financial value, no asset, no money, no profit. Without public relations, that is the management capability to create, sustain and enhance relationships, society fails.

Now, I realise that there are practitioners who operate in areas of practice that would seem to be a million miles from the the fundamental of human existence. The press release writer, the party planner, the conference organiser, the blogger are all proud practitioners of their trade and many are very expert. It is in their realisation of how they are effective in creating, sustaining and enhancing relationships through the effective performance of their business that they offer so much.

Some practitioners work in other fields. They are the social and long term conscience and advisor to the corporate managers of organisations. In their realisation of how they are affective in creating, sustaining and enhancing relationships through the effective performance of their skill that they offer so much.

Then there are other practitioners. These people aim to make all the members of their organisation and the members of their organisation's publics more effective in creating, sustaining and enhancing relationships. Their business is the creation of relationship strategy to optimise relationship value.

Finally, there are those people whose work involves working in relationships. These are ordinary folk empowered by public relations and up-skilled by public relations practitioners who are professional relationship management practitioners. These folk deliver the relationships upon which so much depends. They toil in the stone mason's yard of relationships to build the great cathedral of culture.

Public relations releases value from social constructs, intellectual property, creativity, design, tangible assets, manufacture, brands, advertising, selling, and customer relationships.
This is why public relations practitioners need to be involved in and understand New Ways of Determining Value.

Picture: 'Venice: Campo S. Vidal and Santa Maria della Carità ''The Stonemason's Yard''
CANALETTO 1697 – 1768 The National Gallery