Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tomorrows PR is closer than you think

Next Tuesday, I will be lecturing on Internet communications technologies applied in the public relations context at Leeds Metropolitan University (more information is available from Liz Yeomans if you would like to be there).

It will provide an opportunity to examine the extent to which computers are taking on an editorial role in their own right and I will show a number of sites which offer computer generated blog content for tennis, cricket and football enthusiasts. This is because this kind of language processing will soon provide intelligence about both mediated (the traditional media) and unmediated (blogs, Usenet and other on-line content).

Such processes will offer on-line real time intelligence about the agenda's of these channels for communication, the people and places involved (see Google Earth as an example) and the progress of news and opinion over time.

For practitioners using the Relationship Value Model, these forms of real time content are beginning to offer practitioners a close view of expressions in a range of media as they morph and change over time and the values that accrue.

As a simple research project, and using part of speech tagging (POS) I am looking at nouns as expressions of tokens and adjectives, adverbs etc. as expressions of values to see how closely we can identify drivers for relationships in the words both the man-in-the-street and journalists.

This is blue sky research that will, one day, I hope, offer practitioners real and valuable tools to aid planning, management and measurement of PR campaigns and effects.

I imagine that within a year, such tools will be generally available and, hopefully, offer the first significant PR tools for practitioners working in relationship management.