Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The shift to online radio

The BBC announced its on-line listening figures this week.

More than 134 million hours of BBC Radio have been consumed via the Internet this year – the equivalent to 15,345 years of continuous listening.

The BBC Radio Player – which allows people to listen to BBC programmes on the Internet – has reached another significant milestone in clocking up its 250 millionth request for on demand programming, 100 million of which have been in 2005.

The figures are released as BBC Radio websites broke all their previous records in October, with 7.7 million unique user agents visiting the sites and listening to 16.4 million hours of radio online.”

Now, 7.7 million is not a great many compared to the traditional audience using radios but it is pretty impressive. Its like having another 7 million radio sets out there and all of them listening to BBC radio output.

It also shows how the Internet is creeping into the traditional media domain.