Sunday, October 30, 2005

The opensource value relationship media moguls

My colleague at LeedsMet, Richard Baily has the knack of putting his finger right on the important trend with a practical example. He spotted that Audi is setting up its own TV channel. The idea is not new but both the technology and opportunities are of a different order to past examples.

The significance of this, as I pointed out over the weekend is that, among the channels for communication, the monoliths are and will have a rough time unless they seek a different value model.

The genie just won't go back in the bottle.

Now, you can have your own TV station for cost of a series of TV ads. Content is not so costly and the range of relationships offer big returns.

Multitouch is here and the savy relationship management managers will exploit it anyway they can. If this means own TV stations, own news media and working with others in a networked community, so be it.

We have already seen the CEO of BBDO has been quoted as saying mobile telephones and other devices will soon become more important for marketing than traditional television (FT 06/04/05)

The added collaboration increases the size and value of the company (more material relationships) and at the same time the opensource/collaborative process reduces financial costs.

In the process, we see added value accruing to both the organisation and the publics. Better reach and wider choice are obvious. This Audi experiment is a classic example of the Relationship Value Model in practice albeit a tentative step.

Here then is the real opportunity. It is the agency that aggregates the content, clients and relationships and in doing so becomes the opensource media mogul.

The only requirement is that the agency really understands the nature and significance of Relationship Value.


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