Thursday, August 04, 2005

A third of UK workers couldn't care less about their jobs

A third of British workers could not care less whether their company succeeds or fails as long as they get their pay cheque at the end of the month, according to research from IRS.

A widely reported study study of 15,000 UK workers found that while the overwhelming majority – 85 per cent – enjoyed their work, a significant minority feel unengaged and indifferent about their organisation's success.

Nick Tatchell, project director at ISR said: "It is encouraging that Britons enjoy their jobs but disappointing that such a high percentage of employees are indifferent to their organisations' success.

"The worrying thing for UK companies is that this indifference can lead to a reduction in profits," he added.

This would suggest that British companies are not very aware of what it is that constitutes a company. The Relationship Value Model is based on research that showed that employees have tokens in common with other employees which have common values. These are the 'material' tokens that describe the organisation.

The role of managers is to identify these tokens and to create cognitive consistency among employees. Otherwise as Nick Tatchell points out, they will loose money.