Monday, August 22, 2005

Off topic thanks

This blog has been going for a very short time and yet so many people have made very kindly comments. My objective here is to explore the developments of a paper I presented to the CIPR Alan Rawel academic conference early in 2005 in which looked at the idea of relationships, organisation and relationship management as a public relations discipline.

This means that I will not usually comment on issues and information that drifts too far from the subject.

This is an exception because so many people have been so kind and helpful.

Some to their posts are here and I thank you all.

Doc Searl (one of the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto)

Tom Murphy

Bruce Marshall

Constantin Basturea

Elizabeth Albrycht

This week, I plan to look at some of the stuff behind 'the Model', ask impertinent questions about the teachers of PR both to practitioners and in universities and will become a little more controversial.